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Our delicious breakfast buffet is served from 07.00 to 09.00 on weekdays and from 08.00 to 10.00 on Saturdays and Sundays


Served Monday-Friday 12.00-14.00, Saturday-Sunday 12.00-15.00.


Standard price: SEK 125/adult

55 and over: SEK 95/senior (Mon-Thurs)

Child 3-12 years: half price

Child 0-3 years: free

Lunch includes the lunch dish of the day, salad buffet and coffee & cakes to follow.


Served 18.00- 22.00


The sea along the Swedish west coast is the North Sea (known in Swedish as Västerhavet, literally “western sea”). This is Sweden’s saltiest water, making it very rich in species. The fauna and flora here have the same sort of composition as out in the rest of the North Sea. Just over 130 fish species have been identified off the Bohuslän coast, and several hundred different algae and several thousand animal species are to be found on the sea bed. Västersalt takes its name from this sea, right outside our panoramic windows, and it serves as our biggest source of ingredients and inspiration.

Nature is ever present in the restaurant, realistic and dreamlike by turns. The North Sea is here in the guise of its blue-green hues, while the Bohuslän forests are represented by tree-like structures and woodland-inspired elements. Sunshine breaking through the trees in dense woodland or sparkling on a wave is symbolized by brass-colored accents in the interior. The waiting station fulfils a storage function, but is also important visually, as a contrast to all the blue. It is essential in a large dining hall area to have contrast in the form of differing materials and to divide it up into smaller zones, hence the deliberately varied choice of fittings, chairs and curtains. 

Sara Lindström,

Creative Architect, DEAR AREA