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We are the Bokenäs family (#Bokenäsfamiljen) and we constantly strive to be inquisitive, dedicated and generous. Together we work hard to create a Swedish gem with a focus on nature, the individual and the experience we provide. We work here because we are passionate about Bokenäset and we want to grow together with our guests. Under the “Team” tab, you can meet the members of our team. Feel free to get in touch because we are here for you! 


In the 1960s, the MD of Volvo Flygmotor flew over Bohuslän in search of the ideal spot for his employees. What he found was Bokenäset, and he laid the foundations for something that he could not, even in his wildest dreams, have imagined would become the gem that it has over the years. In 1993, Bokenäset became a residential study center for Volvo’s in-house courses and conferences and a vacation resort for staff in summer. In 2010, what we now refer to as the main building was built, housing our reception, spa & conference rooms. 


Bokenäset is completely self-sufficient in terms of water supply, with its own closed cycle system and a well drilled deep under Koljöfjorden as our water reserve. We also extract biogas from waste. In October 2017, we implemented our new control system that automatically heats only those hotel rooms that are booked. This is linked to the weather forecast and the current price of electricity, enabling us to run our destination as efficiently as possible in terms of resources.