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Fröken Esters is the natural meeting place at Bokenäset. The interior design and the variety in the seating groups invites socializing both during the day and late into the evening. The bar offers a carefully-selected range of hot and cold drinks. They also serve homemade cakes and buns, and if you are in luck Ester may have just baked her celebrated apple pie.

Café Fröken Esters Skafferi is named after the object of Ole Kruse’s affection, Ester Sahlin. Ole Kruse was a Danish-Swedish artist who was a key figure in a circle of young Bohemian artists, authors and actors in Gothenburg at the turn of the 20th century. Bokenäset was where Kruse had his creative sanctuary and studio.


The interior decor is national romantic and it has a relaxed and slightly Bohemian atmosphere. Passion is in evidence in the food and the delicious cakes are homemade.

“The concept of the café and bar reflects a distinct national romantic look, drawing inspiration from Swedish homes at the turn of the 20th century. Swedish species of wood and painted more in muted pink/grey-green than the red and green we tend to associate with the home of Carl Larsson. When taking inspiration from times gone by, we always regard it as essential to do it with a twist, creating a modern version. The design of the bar front draws evident inspiration from Swedish handicrafts, yet is stripped back. 

The wall behind the bar was an important feature. The tiles draw your thoughts to the kitchen; we wanted to communicate that the cakes and other goodies are baked in-house and also provide a reminder that home kitchens are often a cozy space for socializing.The wall has vertical panels and high wall shelves that emphasize the height of the room, creating a look that is eye-catching as soon as you enter; wine bottles and more to tempt the palate, mixed with personal objects and antique jars – yielding a wonderful mix of impressive bar and cozy café. There are numerous shelves and benches throughout to provide space for vases, books, backgammon and other items commonly found on home bookshelves – this is intended to be our guests’ living room.”

Sara Lindström,

Creative Architect, DEAR AREA